Server migrate in recent days

This host will migrate to another server of my VPS provider. We may disconnect in few days.

20121029 Edit:

There are some trouble in my previous VPS provider, the hostitek, that I lost much more data since 20120822. Although the data had been sync to a dropbox account that I still lost data since 20120822. However, thanks to hostigation, a new VPS provider for this site, services will back sooner.

New site, new domain and mobile version

This is first post with brand new domain – hosting on and VPS on Hostitek. It is a different experience to build a system via VPS and OpenVZ. For days of work, some services are back.

On the other hand, the mobile view is now supported via Device Theme Switcher plugin with Carrington mobile theme. I’ve test the MobilePress plugin recently but the comment related functions are broken. Now with mobile devices, the theme will transient automatically fit in screen size with a simple layout.

In the beginning of 2012, it’s a good point to start with. 🙂

Time to leave and upgrade?

Seems it’s time to move out this machine from somewhere to another side. Maybe the VPS is a good choice.

It’s time to survey a feasible VPS (in which the C/P better) and a newer domain now…