Tab switching order of Firefox

As introduced in Firefox 3.6, the function of tab switching order via CTRL-TAB shortcut improved. I did not try the functions because I’ve installed the plug-in: Ctrl-Tab and it works through lots of Firefox version upgrading. But in recent days, with the Firefox 10 release and I do some profile clean up, the plug-in malfunctioned. With trying lots of plug-ins, I cannot find a LIGHT-WEIGHT and SIMPLE one just like the Ctrl-Tab. And I have no idea why it didn’t work from now on. So I turn to try the built-in functions in Firefox (ported from the Ctrl-Tab plug-in?).

The reference is here: Ctrl Tab Preview Feature in Firefox 3.6 Explained with screen-shots to explain how it works, just like the pluig-in. The procedure to enable most-recently-used tab switching order:
1. Type about:config in address bar and press ENTER
2. Click I’ll be careful, I promise! in the notification
3. Search for browser.ctrlTab.previews and double click the entry to set it as true
4. Finish and enjoy it. 🙂