Fix Google Play Store issues on my Ainol NOVO10 Hero MID

20130125 Update article contents

My new MID (Mobile Internet Device) is Ainol NOVO10 Hero. It is good but there is an issue of Google Play Store: some apps cannot be searched, installed, or updated. For example: Google Maps, Google+, Angy birds, Twitter, LINE and so on. After search and try-and-error, I found that features and framework are missing in their ROM. 1) the location features in /etc/system/permissions. 2) the Google Mobile Service (GMS) framework.

To solve this issue, we need the GMS patchs that we can obtain from For Android version 4.1.x, we can use the Because my rooted devices is using a custom ROM that is not feasible with the auto-upgrading script contained in the zip file, I need to extract the packages and move the files manually. Note that the file permissions may need to be correct: files are 644 and directories are 755.

Then the fix steps are:

  1. The device should be a root one.
  2. Use file browser which support root devices (e.g., Root Explorer), or the official adb tool for copying the files into appropriate directories.
  3. Clean up cache and data of Google Play Store (even Google Play Services).
  4. Reboot your device. Then you will see an upgrading process.
  5. Log in into Play Store and everything is fine.

Moreover, Twitter and LINE are still invisible when searching in Play Store. After take a deep look into their permissions, I found that my device still lost some permission files:

  • android.hardware.location: A lost file compared to the tablet_core_hardware.xml of my ROM.
  • android.hardware.location.gps: Twitter ONLY guarantee fine location from GPS. This file contains contents above.
  • android.hardware.telephony.gsm: LINE need phone call permissions.

After flashing these files, clean up data and cache of store, and reboot device, Twitter and LINE are back. If you encounter problem like this. Try it and enjoy it. 🙂

4 Replies to “Fix Google Play Store issues on my Ainol NOVO10 Hero MID”

  1. I’m trying to do this but I’m having trouble figuring out what files to copy and where to copy them to.. can you help?

  2. Option 1:
    After extract the zip file (, there should be much more directories. You need to copy them to the corresponding directories of your device.

    Option 2:
    You can flash a 4.1.2 ROM provided by custom from forum of ainol. This ROM contains the full features.

  3. Sorry for late reply. Actually, I’m not clearly understand your problem. Could you please describe more details that I can understand and help you if possible.

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