Authentication with lighttpd on CentOS

To enable authentication in lighttpd is easy. We can follow this reference to set up a functional environment: Module mod_auth – Using Authentication. However, it is a tragedy in my new CentOS 6 box with lighttpd 1.4.31, due to the separated configuration files.

After I enable mod_auth in modules.conf, set up my authentication functions in conf.d/auth.conf and restart the service, the function seems no work. The issue is on a lost include command in main configuration file – lighttpd.conf, then configuration will not be loaded.

The solution is adding include "conf.d/auth.conf" into lighttpd.conf and everything works fine. What a stupid problem. Enjoy it. 🙂

Server migrate in recent days

This host will migrate to another server of my VPS provider. We may disconnect in few days.

20121029 Edit:

There are some trouble in my previous VPS provider, the hostitek, that I lost much more data since 20120822. Although the data had been sync to a dropbox account that I still lost data since 20120822. However, thanks to hostigation, a new VPS provider for this site, services will back sooner.