Upgrade to Python 2.7 on gentoo

Gentoo has unmask the python:2.7.1 x86 package days ago. Although I compile and install it successfully, there still some tricky points should be noted. After installing the python:2.7 successfully, what we should do are:

1. Change to the current python version with eselect

# eselect python set python2.7

2. Run the python-updater for broken libraries

# python-updater

After procedures, most packages which depended to python:2.6 will be re-emerge and linking to python:2.7. But if you run it many times, you will notice there still a package – sys-libs/tdb:0, always exists. The problem may due to its ebuild file’s dependency:

PYTHON_DEPEND="python? 2:2.6"

But it’s easy to solve, just to remove python:2.6 and rebuild it.

3. Run clean-up and check for rebuilding broken dependencies

# emerge --depclean
# revdep-rebuild

(But I think it is no work for the dependencies, so I re-run the python-updater.)

4. Re-run the python-updater

# python-updater

5. Finally, all the dependencies clean. And my box works fine. If you encounter this problem, enjoy it.

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